Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy 30th Kristin!

One of our dear neighborhood friends Kristin moved to Kansas this past month.  Her hubby got a new job, so they had to relocate (BOOOOOOOOO!)  But the day before they left, we had a surprise party for Kristin at our house.  It turned out to be a ton of fun, and was a great last hurrah before they took off! 

Here is the spread, I think it looked to cute, and was so yummy! 

Everyone was hiding and jumped out when Kristin arrived.  She was so shocked! 

Kristin with her party planners!  And yes, we made her wear that tacky green hat and necklace the entire night!  Bwahhahahahah! 

A picture of Speen and Blake taking it easy!  You can see how cute the decorations looked in the tree! 

Kristin blowing out her candles!  I hope she wished that they could move back to Utah soon.... hahahaha! 

I had to post this picture, cause Speen started a little random "golf bag business" this night.  He sold like 4 golf bags I think.... lol! 

The ladies! 

We love you Kristin!  We hope that you enjoy your new adventure in Kansas!   Happy 30th Birthday!


Lindsay said...

How fun! That food table looks DELISH! Nice work! And now I think I want some sushi too. I told my brothers that I am expecting them to bring me some at the hospital after I give birth. Ha!

Kristin said...

that was such a fun and wonderful night! i have the best friends ever!! you need to email me these pictures!! I miss you guys like crazy!! love you all so much!!