Sunday, July 3, 2011

Random June Happenings!

Here are some random happenings of June!

We celebrated my mom's birthday with a sushi dinner, yum! 

Tallie and Lance ready to get their swim on! 

Lance rocked it at his Little Gym final performance!  He LOVED Little Gym this year.   I have never seen him so excited to go to anything in his life.  He did a great job, and had awesome teachers! 

We attended the Millcreek Festival this year, and they seriously went all out with tons of free activities and giveaways.  It was so fun! 

Lance and Tallie riding the train. 

Tallie participating in the fitness challenge! 

Little Cohen loving all the soccer balls!

So many blondies! 

Pony Rides!

My friends Kristy and Marti (my London ladies) were in town.  Man I WISH they lived closer.  I love you ladies, and miss you like crazy! 

Tallie at the Park!  I love how fearless this girl is! 

Tallie with her future husband, Brayden!  Yep, wouldn't mind it at all....

These two kiddos are getting to the age where they are becoming good friends and are starting to play with each other, it is so fun!  They could spend hours playing in the backyard!

I am so grateful for an awesome backyard that provides hours of entertainment!

Hope you are enjoying the summer as much as we are! 

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