Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My little Bikers!

Pretty sure my  kids would ride their bikes all day if I would let them.  Lance has never really been into riding anything with pedals, so we decided to get him a balance bike this year, and it has been the greatest thing ever!  He has taken off.  He goes so fast, and has totally gotten the hang of balancing.

And since Tallie's legs are too short to fit the tricycle, she loves riding the scooter, and that kid is FAST!  She has no fear!  She is always going after Lance as fast as her little legs will take her! 

I am also extremely lucky that we live across the street from a huge church parking lot, that gives the kids tons of room to ride around in! 

Even if Tallie can't get over a rock or a curb, she figures out a way to maneuver it! 

And the best part of riding bikes is when dad surprises us in the parking lot of work! 


Keri Cannon said...

So dang cute! It's amazing how much happier kids are outside :) I saw you from far away at the 4th of july parade

Devin, Naomi and Spencer said...

What a fun Summer, can't wait to see you for Lance's B-Day!


Scott and Amy said...

I love those kids Katie they are too daring!!! I wish we could come ride bikes with you!

jennifermiller326 said...

Your children are so adorable! They are the perfect combination of you two, although I must day your daughter looks just like Spencer!

Nicole said...

they look so cute in their little helmets!