Tuesday, July 12, 2011


My dad's neighbors run the SLC Ragnar every year, and this year at the last minute they needed a substitute.  Enter = Spencer!  Since Speen has been training for his half marathon next month, they thought he would be the perfect person to fill in.  So with one day's notice, Spence ran the Ragnar, had a blast, and did great!

They had to wake up about 2am to head up to Logan for their early morning start time! 

Here he is hanging out with his teammates!

I think he ran 4th?  Just admit it - you love those skin tight running pants as much as I do!  LOL! 

Getting ready to start his first run!

Taking the baton from runner scott, and he's off!

Feeling good after his first run!

His car taking in some scenery!

Meeting up with most of the team at some interchange!

His night run!

Lance ran through the finish line with him!

Team Cargo Link!

Spence and my dad!

My kids eating the team's pizza!

Yay, so proud of you my lovey!

For a guy who never ran before a few months ago, he's off to a great start, way to go babe!


Devin, Naomi and Spencer said...

Freaking amazing! I don't know how you do it, Spence, but you're an animal. Way to go. Katie, looking photogenic as ever.

Abi said...

Yay. Races are so fun. Ragnar especially . . . besides the lack of sleep and the running. Ha. Congrats Spence!

Vic, Linds, and the girls... said...

Good Job Spence!!!!! btw love your shirt.lol

Jenny said...

Ragnar is awesome! Way to go Spencer! Congrats!

Criscell said...

Hey! How are you guys? long time no see! So you're in UT? Where do you live? Yes, please give me all the tips you have fun fun stuff to do here! Good job, on the Ragnar, Spencer!

Keri Cannon said...

My cute dad was maybe going to drive that teams van. Too fun! Wish I would've seen him.

Texas Boy + SLC Girl said...

What a cute family of 4 you're got there. LOVE it.

linden hansen said...

Hey Katie... Thanks so much for contacting me. I would love to hear about all your favorite spots in fresno. We live in Clovis in the Harlan Ranch Community and have only been there for a few weeks. I would love any tips! I am not sure I am sold on the place just yet :) My email is lindenbhansen@gmail.com. Thanks Katie!!!

Nicole said...

hey, my husband ran ragnar this year too! he totally wants me to do it with him one of these years, but i told him i'm only interested in the florida keys one--it looks amazing!