Sunday, November 6, 2011


We picked the absolute perfect day to spend at Disneyland.  The weather was great and there were no lines!  It was so awesome!  All the kids had so much fun together going on the rides, such a blast!

I had to document this picture cause we made about two dozen sandwiches about half of them being turkey and brought them in a cooler.  Spence didn't want to put the mustard on in advance cause he thought they would get sogey, so he full on brought that bottle of mustard with us to D-land.  So, every time someone got out a turkey sandwich there was Speen ready with the mustard.  It was funny, and I must say the sandwiches turned out delicious! 

This is Leslie and I on the Indiana Jones ride!

Seeing Pooh and Tigger.  Tallie looks like she didn't like them but has become obsessed with "pee-bear" ever since Disneyland!

It's a Small World - always a great one!  We went two times in a row, again with no lines!  So great!

Waiting to see the princesses! 

Lance really took a liking to Jasmine, sat right down on her and told her he saw her at Sea World in Florida! 

By the end of the day we were pretty spent!

Yes, Speen made me go on all the windy rides with the kids!

So happy cousin Amy came and met us in the afternoon it was perfect.  She directed us to all the best rides! 

Such a fun, fun day for everyone! 

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