Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Tallie Girl!

Wow, I can't believe Tallie is already two!  It is so crazy!  We had a small party at my parents house for our families.  It turned out to a blast.  Tallie is such a ham, and had so much fun with everyone.

Tallie with her cute shirt my friend Alyson made her!

She loved opening her presents.  Like I said - she is a ham, such a performer.  Ooing and Aaing at all her presents, it was so fun!

This is her "cheese" face!

Loving her new Tink Doll!

The Taggarts

She loved singing Happy Birthday and blowing out her candles!

Lovin her new stroller!

And a few days later we went to McDonald's with the cousins for these two princesses birthday, since their birthday's are only two days apart!

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That stroller looks nicer than my real stroller!!! Tallie is a ham but you wouldnt want it any other way!