Sunday, November 6, 2011

New York Baby!

In September I went with Spence to New York to work the Mario Batalli celebrity golf tournament. 

BlendTec sponsored a hole and we blended shakes to all the celebrities.  One of the funniest parts of the day was watching Speen chat it up with Guy Fiari.  I kid you not, I thought they had been friends for years, when in reality that was the first time Spence had ever met him.  I love how outgoing Spence is, it cracks me up! 

We flew in a few days early and spent time with our friend Pam.

First thing, she took us to a diner at 1am!  It was a joke from our trip last year when I told her upon landing I just wanted to go to a New York diner!  The next day when we finally got up, we went to an apple orchard to pick apples! 

Sorry Pam - I just had to post this picture, cause Pam NEVER has her eyes open during pictures! 

Here is Pam with her cute boyfriend Jeremy!  They were both so nice to treat us to such a fun weekend!

Getting ready to fill up our bucket with apples.....

..... oh wait, there were no apples.  I guess the hurricane that had come through a few weeks before had destroyed almost the entire apple crop, so sad.  So majority of the apples were on the ground.  I had to pose with the few apples the I found, yes I was the only one who found apples! 

Next we headed over to a port City and I think that is CT behind us?  There was a music festival going on and we walked around and had a blast.  I even got photographed dancing for their city's paper.  I forgot to look it up though! 

Of course we had to find a pizzeria, mmm! 

Next we went to Moneyball, and then ended the night with some midnight bowling!

The next day we went with Pam's dad to Mass where we ran into Susan Lucci and her hubby!  Then Pam and her cute mom Trish took me to the beach by their house, how gorgeous is this beach?  Oh it would be fun to have a beach nearby!

This picture was taken after the celebrity golf tournament from some New Jersey state park.  Beautiful view of NYC. 

The last three times we have gone to NYC I have always wanted to see the Statue of Liberty, so after the golf tournament we headed over to the park in New Jersey where you can get a ferry and there are no lines.  Unfortunately we got here like 10 minutes after the last ferry had gone out.  So I guess this is how close I will get! 

It was fun to have this little getaway with Speen.  It was fun to work with him and to spend time with Pam.  It was busy, and exhausting, but fun as always! 

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