Monday, November 12, 2012

Arizona in July!!

Spence has been working down in Arizona quite a bit, so in July the little p and I went down to visit.  

Here is a picture of Presley's first plan ride.  As always - she was amazing!  Just slept the entire time!  

 My cute friend Erika picked us up from the airport and we went straight to her house and went swimming in her unbelievable pool!  It was Presley's first time swimming!  We had such a fun evening hanging out with them, I am just sad I forgot to take any pictures!  

The rest of our getaway was spent shopping, going to Presley's first movie (Step Up Revolution), meeting up for dinner with Thunderbird friends, relaxing, and swimming, swimming, and more swimming!  

 Night swimming! 

Oh and finally, Spence and I enjoyed quite a successful trip to Last Chance.  If you don't know what Last Chance is, think Nordstrom - Nordstrom Rack - Last Chance.... For starters I got all 5 of these little kid shoes for $11 each brand new!  

Judging by the bags, Spence found success at Last Chance as well!  Happy early birthday babe, haha! 

And a cute pic of Speen and the little p on the airplane home!  

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