Sunday, November 4, 2012

4th of July Festivities 2012

Part 1: The Parade & Games 

Well, we started the day bright and early decorating the bikes for the Evergreen parade!  

Lance and Tallie enjoyed being in the parade! 

The parade spectators! 

We stopped over at the park afterwards for some fun games! 

Tallie and I waiting for daddy to go get the car!  Silly girls! 

Part 2: Swim Party over at Matt & Allie's 

Spencer's aunt and uncle have over the family every year for the 4th of July.  And when I say the family I mean 10 kids with all their kids and their kids, etc.  So, there were a lot of people over at their house, but it made for a really fun swim party!  

Starting the watermelon game.  They put a greased up watermelon in the pool and you go in age groups and the person who gets it out of the pool first after a couple laps, wins!  

A portion of the swimmers posing for a picture! 

Lining up for the quarter dive!  They fill the pool up with change and the kids dive for it! 

Lance & Tallie scored a couple pieces! 

Oh and here is Spence living it up at the swim party!  :)  

Part 3:  Family BBQ 

I made these festive drinks for the BBQ! 

My mom made this fabulous cake!  

BBQ time on my parents balcony! 

As always, I couldn't resist a few family pictures!  

Little P enjoying her first 4th of July! 

We both had some cute new shoes! 

Part 4: Fireworks!  

We started the night of fireworks over at my parents neighbors where we watched some fireworks and did some sparklers! 

And finally we headed up to our neighbor's house whose backyard overlooks the gully and we were able to watch the SL Country Club and Sugarhouse firework shows!  

Does it get any better for Lance?  Having a front row seat to the fireworks show on a trampoline! 

I also loved that we were close enough that we had an amazing firework show, but far enough away we didn't hear the loud booms every time, and Presley wasn't scared, she actually enjoyed all the festivities! 

It was a wonderful day!  

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