Thursday, April 14, 2011

Guess who's home?

Speen's brother Sam got back from his mission to Argentina mid-March!  It has been a blast to have him home.  He is the same old Sam - totally cute and fun!  Welcome home Elder Taggart! 

Everyone getting their signs ready for Sam's arrival! 

We waited, and waited and waited....

And finally he came!  True Story:  While we were waiting, Jane (Spence's mom) said "guarantee he comes down wearing a hat and glasses!"  Boy does she know her son!

First hug went to sister Soph!

Then to mom

Now it was dad's turn

And nana

Lance wanted to make sure he saw his sign!

And he loved it!

Meeting Tootles for the first time

Lance got a little sick of the crowds!

And of course the fam!


Kristin said...

what fun pictures!! You captured it beautifully!! LOVE the picture of Lance just sitting away from the crowds still holding his sign... too cute!!

Erika Hanks said...

He looks like such a cute guy! I remember meeting him when you guys got married...can't believe how time flies!!!