Monday, August 13, 2007

From Hot to Hotter!!!

Last Thursday, August 9, 2007- Spence, Lance, and I said goodbye to Fresno, CA! We loaded up the largest moving van Penske had to offer and headed out to Glendale, AZ ... well, sort of...Spencer definitely spoiled me... He and his darling mother Jane drove the moving van down to Glendale and unloaded all of our boxes, while Lance and I lucked out - taking a short 80 minute flight to Utah, where we are going to visit with family and friends this week, while Spence unpacks, and starts his boot camp classes at Thunderbird. Thank you so much Jane for going with Spence - you are amazing, and thank you Speenie for letting me skip out on the whole moving thing! What a sweetheart. These are a few pics our last few days in Fresno, CA!

Spending time and playing Bacce Ball with Spencer's family at the park!

We had a plethora of guys from the ward come over and help us move. Here they are strategizing of how to fit everything into the moving van - yeah, well it didn't work too well. They packed the moving van from floor to ceiling, and we still didn't have enough room for all of our "stuff" - we ended up giving away some chairs, bike, our TV, and more. How obnoxious - we didn't even take our washer, dryer, and fridge! Thanks guys for all of your help!

Sophie came over and helped us move! Isn't she the cutest thing. She was the official Lance watcher! Thanks darling Sophie for all of your help!

Here is our little family with our fav friends down in Fresno - Emili Smith and Reyeta Lawson - thanks for taking me to the airport and we love you guys - come visit us down in the Valley of the Sun!

Goodbye Fresno!!!

Things we will miss about Fresno:

Lawson and Smith Fam's - and extended fam's - you guys are amazing and really made our experience in Fresno comfortable. Thanks for your love and kindness. You were like a second fam to Spence and I! We love you guys!

Living close to Spence's family and sister and brother - in - law - we love you guys, and have so many fun memories.

Kristy and Travis - we love you guys - Kristy, I will always be grateful to you for the past 5 months - what divine inspiration. I loved working with you and will miss everyone at RHC.

Our wards, callings, and Speen's seminary assignment - they are amazing and we met some incredible people.

Devin and Naomi! - Devin and Spencer's GMAT study nights and Naomi and I hanging out every night! Good times!

Although California is basically a rip-off state (it is so unbelievably expensive in every way!) - it was really fun to live right in the Central Valley and basically be three hours away from anywhere - we were able to travel all over the state and saw a ton of amazing things.

Our house - although it will probably be by far the worst investment we have EVER made, we will still miss our first house - and by the way, we did hopefully sell it - it is in escrow, so cross your fingers it closes! :)

The delicious central valley fresh fruit - yummy!

24 night with our neighbors

The amazing doctors I had - my OBGYN and Lance's pediatrician - great guys.

Being so close to the Lake and being able to do two a days with the boat once in a while

Spence's business experience - it wasn't all a positive experience, but he learned so much down in Fresno that will help him the rest of his life!

I am sure I am forgetting many things, but here are just a few of the things we will miss about good ole Fresno, CA!


Jonna & Eric said...

Sounds like you guys have been busy with the move and the little guy! I am sure it will be nice to get settled here soon. Good luck!

Paul said...

We miss you guys. It definitely is not the same without you here.

We are coming down for Thanksgiving.

See you then.