Friday, August 1, 2008

The Birthday Buddies!

Spence, his Nana, and three of his cousins all have birthday's the same week! In fact, Spence and his Nana have the SAME b-day! So, we had a little party to celebrate. Here is a pic of the b-day buddies. We missed you Mags!


Melissa said...

I cant believe how many July birthdays there are! Thats a great picture.

Tenley said...

Thanks for the post! I stole a copy of the picture. I hope that's ok. It was so fun to see you guys! Love ya

Ashlee Swensen said...

It was a fun night! I'm so gald that you were in town to celebrate with us.

The Brown Team said...

I'm so glad you had a successful birthday and all that went along with it. Spencer you are a hero in my life. I feel like such slacker since I still have your card and you will get it so late;(
It looks like it will be hard to beat your birthday this year with your birthday bash with the fam. and your following the spirit to the top. It looks like you guys had fun in Utah.
I'm also impressed what you would say about getting a dog, oh how you heart has softened to 'Mans best Friend' I'm Glad!
Way to go Lance with standing up to his crib!!!! I wish I could have seen how excited your mom got.
love you all and miss you Kelli

The Brown Team said...

wow what a great new feature with the comment approval thing I was so confused at first. then you always know when you have a new comment!!!

shannon t. said...

It was so great to see you and your darling family. I am still laughing at that crazy Spence. What a guy. Love you all, Shan