Monday, January 5, 2009

A year in review

2008 was a really fun year for us. Here is a little recap...

JaNuArY - - -

Dubai & Egypt

FeBrUaRy - - - Superbowl comes to Glendale, AZ (tons of fun and free activities)

MaRcH - - - We LOVED our DDR!!! (good times with Kim & Sam)

ApRiL - - - Mimi, Kelli and the cousins came to visit

MaY - - - This was a big month; Jess, Linds and the girls came to AZ to visit, we spent a week with Spencer's family in Fresno, CA, and we drove up the Oregon Coast.

(I love this picture because Linds and Taylin can't stop laughing because spence was being funny while taking the picture)

(The lighthouse in the background is the Haceta Head Lighthouse where Spence proposed to me in 2002. That was really special to visit it again with Lance!)

JuNe - - - Moved up to Washington for three month internship

JuLy - - - celebrated Lance's 1st and Spencer's 28th b-day! Spence tried out for American Idol on his 28th b-day and made it past the first round (obviously he didn't make it past round 2 since I am posting pictures!)

AuGuSt - - - Went to Spencer's 10 year HS reunion, our friend Pam came to SLC to visit from NYC and we took her on a tour of the conference center. If you haven't gone on a tour yet, I highly recommend it, it was amazing!

SePtEmBeR - - - Returned back to Arizona, Lance finally started sleeping through the night again (after a three month hiatus), Spencer rocked out at several gigs with his band, and Lance started standing up by himself and taking some steps!

OcToBeR - - - This was a very fun month. We went to the Phoenix Fair, Rocky Point Mexico, and celebrated Halloween by going to a farm with a bunch of friends. We are so grateful for the amazing friends we made in Arizona.

NoVeMbEr - - - Happy Thanksgiving!

DeCeMbEr - - - I was lovin Lance's new Christmas outfit, we packed up for the 9th time since we have been married (can you believe it?) and moved to SLC, Spence graduated from Thunderbird, played his last gig with his band, celebrated Christmas and rang in the New Year!

We are so grateful for the incredible year we had and look forward to an amazing 2009!!!


Kim said...

What a Super Cute post you did! I loved how you did all of your highlights for the year...very creative! We already miss ya down here in Arizona! Good luck with everything up in Utah:-)

Sim Kam said...

We come into town around the 18th or so. Sam starts his rotation on the 20th. See you guys soon! :)

Melissa said...

That was a very exciting year! I had thought that before. Where are you living in SL and whats on the agenda for this year!? :)

Melissa said...

Oh maybe I should read the other updates Before asking my questions!! ;/

Criscell said...

You guys have such a FUN life! That was a great post, Katie. How are you doing? We miss you! I didn't know that Spence tried out for AI! Way to go, Spencer!

moesmiles said...

What a fun year and you have so many darling pictures to show for it. I am so excited because I got a "real" camera for Christmas instead of my little point-and-shoot. I am excited to take more fun pictures like you do.

Jen Petty said...

Hey! So fun to see your highlights of the year... On to yet another new year with amazing times right? ;)

Vic, Linds, and the girls... said...

That is such a fun little recap..I don't think I could remember a month ago if I tried haha!! We are home from all the vacations and want to get together pronto. Tell spencer thanks again for singing! love you guys!

Weston and Nicole said...

Wow, what a year!! Okay, where was I when you posted about your Egypt trip?? I do not remember that! LUCKY!!

Devin, Naomi and Spencer Wagstaff said...

2008 Definitely a great year! Can't wait for the one coming up as well. Glad to have you guys back!


PS- katie are you sure your not avoiding my phone calls??? :) hmmm give me a ring when you get the chance!

The Brown Team said...

wow! I'm loving the last like 6 posts I've missed. the year in review, Thunderbird graduation... you guys have such an exciting life! so much goes on...true parties I love it. Miss you tons

Erika Hanks said...

What a fun year! Hey, give me a call we need to catch up!

Abi said...

Way to sum up the year! Awesome post!