Thursday, April 30, 2009

Last 2 months in review!!!

We went swimming at the Lions Club Pool, it was amazing. Lance is such a little fish, he had such a fun time.


We had a super fun Easter egg hunt at Spencer's aunt and uncle.

The GOOfY Taggart Clan!

Lance really got the hang out looking for eggs after 3 or so egg hunts. He really got excited when he realized there was candy in them!

I gotta say the Easter Bunny gave Lance a pretty rockin' basket this year!

FuN OuTsIdE aNd At whEElEr FaRm!

Helping Papa in the garden

I turned 27, WOO WOO! The traditional ice cream cake and family picture.


Spence had to go to California for visit, so we flew in for the weekend and drove down to Fresno. On Saturday we went to the Clovis Parade. Lance LOVED it. For an hour straight, he didn't take his eyes off of the horses, cheerleader, cars, clowns, etc.

Lance had so much fun with his cousins.

SoUtHeRn CaLiFoRnIa!

Spence had a meeting in Los Angeles, and we had about 45 minutes until we had to be at the airport and so we hit up the beach. The water was freezing, but this little beach bum could care less. He would run right into the water!

FuN wItH tHe BoYz!

My friend Kristy and her son Brennan were in town from California and Marti and Jack were here from Michigan. It was so fun to get together with our boys. These girls were some of my very closest friends from my study abroad. I wish they lived closer.

Brennan, Jack, & Lance - - - what cute boys!

Wow if you made it all the way through this never ending post, congrats! I guess this is what happens when you never update your blog!


The Richards Family said...

Ok so sorry it has taken me forever to get back to you. There already is a vendor making baby blankets for the show. But there is always a waiting list if your friend wants to get on it!

Lindsay said...

Loved it! It was so good catching up with your cute family through pictures! Every picture was SO cute! Now we need to really get together and catch up while our little guys play! I can't believe how big Lance is getting! Those beach pictures, and the ones with Kelly's kids, and the Easter ones...They were all great! Can't wait to see you guys!

Sara-Lynn said...

Lance is so cute!! I wish we could have seen you while you were here, but I know it's crazy when you are here for so short of time. Atleast you were able to be here for the parade!

Melissa said...

You guys are always doing and going such fun places. I love it! Keep em' coming :)

Jenn said...

Happy Birthday! What great pictures. We miss you guys.

Jenn said...

Happy Birthday! What great pictures. We miss you guys.

Suzi said...

Looks like you have been up to some fun stuff as always. Happy late Birthday btw! Let me know when you guys want to come over, since i only have 6 more weeks left until my babe is due! I would love you to come anytime, so let me know!

Scott and Amy said...

Dude Kate I love you!!! it was so much fun seeing you and spencer and Lance! i'm so glad you stopped by and visited!! plus yet again lance looks like such a stud in all of these pictures! love you.

Erika Hanks said...

Finally! I have been waiting for some Taggart pics! Sounds like a very eventful 3 months!!!

Jen Petty said...

I made it!, but I'm not sure what to comment on. Lance's hair is getting longer. How long are you going to let it grow? I loved that funny expression he had in one of his pictures.
P.S. Happy birthday!

KimWar said...

Hey Katie, I love that picture of Lance when he is making that funny face it is so adorable. Love, love, love it. You take such beautiful pictures

Devin, Naomi and Spencer said...

Hey Katie and Spence
I love those Beach Bum pictures, wow, so cute! Are you in your new house yet! did it all go through, we want to see picts of everything if it did! We are getting ready to head out to the east coast- wish you could come with us!: )

Hope you are feeling good talk to you soon


Josh, Abbie and Tienna said...

Love the pictures!! I can't believe how big Lance is getting and I love his expressions. I'm so glad you guys are doing well, we miss you and Tienna still asks about Lance when we walk past your old apartment.

Anonymous said...

K I LOVE your pictures!!!!
So how are you this week for getting together for lunch?? I am thinking Friday sounds fun. I just shot linds an email :)
Let me know if not let me know if next week works??
I am excited to play with you guys :)

Criscell said...

FUN times!! Lance is getting so grown up! Happy B-day to you!

marti said...

What cute BOYS! It was so fun to see you guys! Hope the move went well.

Jason & Brandi Mitchell Family said...

Katie, Your family is so beautiful! We love watching Lance grow up. Love, Brandi, Jason and Elyse! :)

shannon said...

Wow, Lance is getting so much hair! Happy belated birthday. I'll turn 28 in August. I don't feel that old, especially when the door-to-door salesman come and ask me if my mom's home. As always, I love the photos of your baby!