Thursday, October 1, 2009

I made it!

20 weeks of this baby and I am happy to say that I completed my last progesterone shot on Tuesday, woot-woot!!! I guess they worked, cause babe is still inside me. 2 more days and I make it to full term. I just have to hang on until at least Monday, cause my doc is out of town until then!

Definitely not going to miss that fat needle!


The Bish Fam said...

Wahoo you made it! Good luck with this last little bit...I know it seems like forever (especially since you didn't have to do it last time!) Can't wait to meet her though :)

Abi said...

so why do you have to take that?
that needle looks horrific!

Melissa said...

Good luck! Cant wait to see pictures and one day meet your two little love bugs.