Sunday, December 13, 2009


I realize it is time for a massive update! What have the Taggart's been up to lately?

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving at my mom's house.

This picture concerns me... When Spence is watching something on TV, nothing breaks his focus (and it drives me crazy!) Look at Tallie - like father, like daughter...

Did I mention Lance LOVES reading? I will just catch him in his room reading his books out loud to himself, it is so cute!

The week after Thanksgiving our good friend from Thunderbird came to visit and to meet Tallie. It was great to spend time with Pam!

Lance was in Heaven having Pam to play with for 3 days, she is so cute to both our kiddos! Thanks for visiting Pammy!

We went to Temple Square to see the lights. Lance's favorite song is "I love to see the Temple" right now, in fact he asks to listen to the "temple song" several times a day, so it was fun for him to see the Temple!

Bundled and ready to look at the lights!

A little self shot!

Speen and I enjoyed a night out at his work party. They gave away incredible things during the raffle. We lucked out (or should I say I lucked out) and won a gift card to Anthropology! And if you look closely, YES Spence is wearing a white suit. He insists that his work had a 'fashion forecaster' come and speak to them and the whole 'no white after labor day' is totally out - in case you are wondering! ;)

This was one of our failed attempts at taking a family picture for Christmas cards.

Lance loves to play the piano. We put little letter stickers on the keys to help teach him. I also was lovin the coordination of his outfit this day since it is pretty rare that he is super matchy!

And now to little Tallie... she is doing great!!! This was last Sunday. It was the first time I had ever tried to dress her up and it lasted all of about an hour at church. She sure is good at those blowouts! Although, she was cute while it lasted.

Here are her 2 month stats:

22 1/2 inches (50%)
10.8 lbs (35%)

Interesting tidbit: Lance was 22 1/2 inches and 10.10 lbs at 2 months, so they were very close!

Lance is LOVING his Advent Calendar! First thing he does in the morning is run upstairs and says "Christmas Candy" - it is so cute!

Last night was our ward Christmas party that we were in charge of. I am very happy with the way everything turned out. This picture does not do the decorations justice, but they really turned out great. We had a sit down dinner with a nice program. Each table had a different set of China or Christmas Plates on it. So fun!

We had these big presents all over the room as decorations. They were just wrapped big storage boxes with ribbons on the top, so cute and very easy! We actually scored and got them another ward who used them last week. We ended up having to spend 0 DOLLARS on decorations, it was awesome!

Here is our happy/relieved look after the party was over! Definitely glad to have this done!

Meet Stormin' Norman!

Yes, Spence went out to shovel the snow today and I looked out the window to see what was taking so long and saw him building a 7 foot snowman! I thought that was so cute of Spence. He even built a little slide off the back of the snowman for Lance to slide down!

And last but not least, Tallie has started smiling a TON this past week. It has been so much fun to get a reaction back from her.

Well that's all. Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!


Lindsay said...

OH mY Goodness! What a FUN update! You guys have been having a Christmas BLAST! I can't wait to come play with you guys tonight - yay! Okay, you looked GORGEOUS on Thanksgiving! And in every other picture too! I love the little family one you took! And Tallie's eyes on the TV with Spence, holy cow, so funny! I love that Lance loves to read, that is so great, he's got quite the stash of books! Go Lance! Your kids are both so darling, I can't wait to bring Weston over to play! See you soon!

Chelsey said...

Your Christmas party looks incredible! Good job you guys...and I love that picture of Lance reading!

erica said...

Love the snowman! Can't wait to see you guys soooo soon!!!!

Scott and Amy said...

that was a good update!!! you guys are always having so much fun!! also cute christmas party. Love it and Tallie is so cute and getting so big. Hopefully we can see you guys while we are up in utah this weekend for Christmas! Love you guys.

The Brown Team said...

Yeah after I got your e-mail I thought oh I should check your blog since I haven't in 4+ weeks and you just did the cutest update. I love that Spener made a snowman. My fav. memories with Spencer are out in the snow:)
The kids are so dang cute and wow your Christmas party looked like a blast! love ya tons Kelli

Suzi said...

I love your hair and i am dying to see your little Tallie, she is such a doll!! Hope you guys have a super good Christmas and we will have to get together once the holidays are over.

Erika Hanks said...

Great update!!! Tallie is sure getting big!

Erika Hanks said...

Great update!!! Tallie is sure getting big!


Cute pictures! I just want you to know that when we were dropping of your little gift Owen was so into that snowman..he didnt want me to leave!!!

Christian said...

Holy Crap! You guys have kids! And they're beautiful (notice no exclamation point since I'm not surprised by that last part) I'm glad I found you. Now I'm going to lurk here more often whether you like it or not...I was just telling a friend the other day about "lick-a-stick." I think that was the last time we saw you guys. Lotsa love.

Martha said...

Way to go on the Christmas party--I am very impressed! Isn't it crazy that we're old enough to be in charge of things like that?! And of course, Tallie and Lance are adorable.