Monday, June 7, 2010

BIG Milestones!

We have had some BIG milestones around here lately...

For starters, this guy, decided to ditch the binky on Saturday!!!

Did you hear that, NO MORE BINKIES for Lance! He was super, super, super attached, and since he is turning 3 next month, I thought now was the time. We decided to make a big production of it.

So, with no further ado, I present to you the "Bye Bye Binky Party 2010!"

We had balloons, cupcakes, candles, presents, cousins, suckers and songs!

First, a picture of the "Last Slumber."

Here is Lance waiting for everyone to arrive!

We told Lance he could attach his binky to some balloons and they would take it to another baby that needed it.

Here is the big moment - letting go of the binky!

When the binky was flying away, we all sang "bye bye binky" to the tune of "bah bah black sheep..." Very catchy!

Next, Lance got to open a present from the binky fairy!

Update: So far, it hasn't been as bad as I thought it would be, but he didn't take a nap yesterday, so I am really hoping he'll nap today with out it! But I am so proud of him. Saturday night we put him in his bed, and he said "where's my binky?" And I said, "remember, we sent it up into the sky with the balloons for another baby." And he said, "oh, I really wanted to chew on it." It made me sad, but oh well, he's growing up and can't have it forever!

You want my advice - get rid of your kids binkies before 2, cause Lance got way more attached after 2. However, if you are like me and can't do it, I don't blame you! ;)

Last week we went to the park with the cousins, and tried to take a group picture.

Call me mean, but I love this picture. Poor Lindy's face at the front of the train makes me laugh. She couldn't hold up all the kids!

Here are some better shots. It is so fun having cousins and a sister in law with kids all relatively the same ages!

And finally, guess who's 8 months today?!? Wow, has the time flown!

Tallie is such a joy!

Here are some things about Tallie Jo at 8 monts:

1. She loves attention! She is all smiles and grins as long as you are giving her attention. If you put her down and walk away, she is all cries!

2. She is a MOVER! She hasn't quite figured out crawling, but she wants to move so bad. I will put her down and she will see a basket of toys across the room and she will roll 10 times to get to them and start dumping them out of the basket. This is new to me, since Lance didn't even scoot until 13 months! I am afraid once she figures out crawling, she will be pulling herself up and walking in no time!

3. She has two teeth!?! What? Lance didn't get any teeth until 11 months, so what the heck, 2 teeth before 8 months? Kind of crazy. I am not sure how long I can keep nursing with her biting, ouch!

4. She love to chew on EVERYTHING!

5. She also loves to eat. If I have anything in my hand she tries to yank it out and put it in her mouth!

6. She loves Lance more than I can even explain. She will be crying her eyes out and the second Lance walks in she is all smiles and kicking her legs. Seriously crying to smiling in 1.7 seconds. Hello drama queen?

7. She is very different than Lance was as a baby. I realize more and more how dang easy Lance was. However, it is kind of fun to have a little fireball!

We sure love our Tallie Jo!

On a side note, someone at church today, said "operation chubby baby: successful!" She is tiny, but has the cute baby chub that I love!

And finally, meet the "Green Bean" and the "Jelly Bean!"

My friend Kristine and I were pregnant at the same time. She was due 3 days before me and sadly for her I came 3 weeks early. Anyway, so these little munchkins are about 2 1/2 weeks apart. It is funny cause they are on the complete opposite ends of the spectrum - Jonathan being extremely tall and thin like a green bean and Tallie being short and chubby like a jelly bean!

Too cute!

Well, congrats if you made it through the post!


Rachel said...

so so cute! Congrats on the binky party!! We are working on this with Carter right now! Binkies are so wonderful and so awful all at the same time. Lance looks so grown up I can't even believe it! Tallie is too cute. I love her tiny chub. The picture of those two kids next to each other is hilarious because he looks so much older than her! She is such a little shorty like her mama:) I can't believe you haven't ever had to deal with tiny teeth before 8 months! Rylynn got hers at 4 months. You guys are all too cute! I hope we get to see you this summer. We will be out there mid July.

Spencer said...

That is an awesome post my love. Man we have the best kids in the world. You are an incredible mother and I appreciate all you do for me and the kiddos. I could not imagine having a better lover.

Sam and Jess said...

good job on the binks. I know how that goes :) Tallie is so cute, i can't wait to see her tomorrow..i don't feel like we get together nearly enough

Erika Hanks said...

So cute...Tallie is ADORABLE! I can't believe the difference in size next to the other boy! Loved the binky party...I hope to be rid of Carson's by age 2 but man...sometimes, I don't know? Maybe we will have a binky party at age 2!

Vic, Linds, and the girls... said...

Katie. So glad to hear that everything is going well with the binkies. And seriously how cute are those pictures with all the cousins. I love them. And last, how cute is Tallie? I love her little face. She is darling!!

Lindsay said...

Oh my gosh, that is the BEST idea for the binky. You are awesome!!! What a great idea! I REALLY need to do the same with Weston...I'm such a wimp. I'm going to have to try your approach! Go Katie! Such cute pictures...your kids are just too cute!

Chelsey said...

I love the Binki party! Weston is getting more and more attached by the day, but I'm not ready to give that "instant happiness" up yet. I totally understand waiting until 3! Good luck! I hope it keeps going well.

erica said...

I love that picture of Jonathan and Tallie! I can't believe they are 8 months already!!!

KelliandJonathanThorne said...

I love the binky party idea! I hope it all goes well with Lance because I know how much you enjoy nap time. Maybe he would sleep better with a little Grizzly bear to snuggle with ;) Tallie is looking cute as ever! They are both too fun!

Scott and Amy said...

Oh how cute!!! I love the bye bye binkie and i can't believe how cute that little tallie is and how big she is getting. i want to just squeeze those chubby cheeks. oh and by the way i'm going to be in utah the end of july for a kiser cousin birthday party, want to get togher?

Melissa said...

What a great post! I love the binky peace out party and your cute little babes. They are getting too big too fast.

Martha said...

I love that binky idea! And when I looked at that picture of Lance sitting on the blanket waiting for the party to start, I realized that he totally looks like Jonathan. I've never thought that before but that picture is a dead ringer of Jonathan.

Nicole said...

love the "bye bye binky party" idea. what a great way to get a kid excited about something that must be so hard!

Weston and Nicole said...

Love the binki party!! So cute to make a production of it and send them off on balloons. Isn't it crazy how attached they get?


Cute pics Katie! I'm a mean mom I take those binkies away at 3 months..can't stand when they fall out and then the baby cries in the middle of night!!!!Cute idea though!