Sunday, November 28, 2010

New York City baby!!!!!

 Spencer had to go to New York for business, so of course I tagged along!  He had to be there because they were demoing their blender on Martha Stewart's daughter's new television show "Whatever with Jennifer & Alexis!"  Martha's daughter is Alexis, and don't get me started, but to refer to her in a nice tone would be to call her the "ice princess..." 

Anyway, so Speen and I headed out Friday, and spent the weekend with our dear friend Pam, her boyfriend, and family. 

Speen taking a power nap on the subway!

I was able to visit my cousin Ashley and her boys, they are so cute!

Our friend Dale is a bodyguard in NY, and he let Speen sit in the car he gets to drive, I don't know, some fancy Porsche.  

 Wow, I could have spent the entire weekend in Central Park, unbelievable!

We went to the Oyster Bay Festival, and Speen pays like $3 to shoot a basket in the hoop, and of course wins.  I think this is something like 6 years in a row of winning a basketball game for him, but this was by far the biggest prize!

The day of the show, we were walking around downtown NYC and Speen got pooped on by a pigeon, but luckily we found out that was good luck!  And even more lucky, we were on our way to my cousins apartment and were able to wash it out!

Here we are in the studio audience, and you can't really tell, but the picture on the left is a picture Spence shot from back stage of us in the audience!  

Seriously, such an incredible trip.  I honestly don't think I have laughed that hard in so long.  Thanks Pam for hosting us and for such an amazing weekend! 

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