Monday, March 12, 2012

Fancy Nancy Night Out!

Tallie got the book Fancy Nancy for Christmas and totally fell in love with it!  She literally made us read it to her several times a day.  One night we were playing cards with Abi and Ammon and thought, what the heck let's have a Fancy Nancy night out tomorrow night and sure enough we did. 

We all got dressed up in our Fancy 'accessories' and went out to the "King's Crown" aka Crown Burger! 

This seriously was one of the best nights ever! 

Here is fancy Lancey! 

Uncle Ammon and Aunt Abi looking very Posh!

The girls looking good!

The guys looking sauve!  Spencer's mission buddy Austin was in town, and he totally was a good sport as well! 

The Fancy Family!

Oh and of course, we had to eat with our "pinkies up!" I mean, that's what fancy people do! 

We even brought the book and had a good read during dinner!

What can I say, I am grateful to have such a fun family who is willing to do fun and crazy things!  The kids seriously loved it so much.  And even last week, 2 months after this night out, my kids went to Crown Burger with my parents and insisted that everyone eat with their pinkies up!  Too cute! 

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Lindsay said...

How FUN! I love it. I'm hoping you guys are hanging in there...days? Weeks? Can't wait to meet the new little Taggart angel!