Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Yellow Bees!

Lance played soccer this Spring and it was a blast.  He played soccer last Fall and was quite timid so I wasn't going to sign him up again, but he really wanted to, so I did it again.  And it was amazing how much better he did this season.  I think he understood it more, so he was a lot more aggressive, and really had so much fun!  

Here he is warming up.  He loved bringing his own ball and doing all the drills before the game.  

Oh boy, Tootles is such a ham!  She has her daddy wrapped around her little finger.  

Lance taking a breather with his biggest fan, his Jojo!  

Family of 5!  I was pretty careful about Taking Tallie out for a couple months since RSV was so rampant, so I think this may have been one of her first outings! 

It also was amazing that the weather was so incredible this Spring it felt so great to sit outside a couple nights a week and enjoy!  

 I am loving Lance's hustle here!  

Made time to laugh and have fun on the field! 

Loving Lance's facial expression! 

I think Lance's favorite part of the soccer season, besides the treats was getting his trophy! He was so happy about it!  

And what better way to end the season than some after soccer ice cream with friends! 

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