Monday, September 24, 2007

Lance's Favorite Babysitter!

(minus the grandma's of course...) I had to give a little shoutout and giant thank you to Erika Hanks for watching Lance on Saturday. Besides the family, this was Lance's first time with a babysitter, and he sure had a blast with Erika. We are super lucky that Erika is down here and just so dang adorable with babies. She will make a wonderful mother one day. Thanks a ton Er!


Erika Hanks said...

I must say I think I had much more fun than little Lance! He was the best baby I have ever tended for, what a CHAMP (as his parents say)! He makes having a baby look easy!!!!!!! Thanks for the fun, I loved it!

Wallin Family said...

Hey Spence,
This is in response to your post on my blog. I would love to see your family and finally meet Katie, although I feel I know you through the blogging world, and little Lance. I just love babies. Jordan thinks I am crazy and that we have to go slowly or we will have 10 kiddies. Anyway, I would love a visit, but we live in NC. You are always welcome to come out here at stay at our home if you ever want to take in a Wake Forest/UNC basketball game.

K8 said...

I love the huge picture of Lance!!! That REALLY gives me a good idea of what he looks like. What a cutie! Good job baby sittin', Er!!


Jonna & Eric said...

Hey guys! Thanks for the phone call even though Taylor had already arrived. You guys are so nice to think of us! I am glad we got back in touch after all these us when you are in town and we will have to get our little ones together for a play date!