Tuesday, September 25, 2007


...by Lindsay, so I guess I will do it...

1. Where did you meet your husband? Spence and I met through his cousin and my sorority sister, Mollie Warner Diamond - - - thanks Mollie! :)

2.What was the first thing you said to your husband?
I don't know, probably that he was a big flirt.

3. Where was your first date? The first date was more of a hang out with some of his friends and some of my friends - however, knowing Speen, it was even numbers of boys and girls... we just played games and hung out - - - however our first real date was like the marathon date - he invited me to go to his sister's clayton dance performance at trolley square. So, he picked me up with his sister, we went to Maggie Moo's for ice cream, then went to her dance performance. After, she went with her friends and we went to dinner at Benni Hanna's. For those of you who know Spence pretty well, know that he is quite outgoing, so sitting with a whole bunch of random people at Benni Hanna's, was quite hillarious to say the least. Then we went to this club to go dancing, but didn't stay long, then we went to Ocean's 11 - well, when we got there we noticed the movie didn't start for about 40 minutes, so he said we would have time to go bowling at the Ritz - so we went bowling and then to the movie - - - yeah, what an interesting first date huh? The funniest part was when he dropped me off he said, what are you doing tomorrow and I told him I was going skiing with some of my friends, and he goes "well, I love skiing, do you mind if I come with you!?!" I was thinking - who is this guy!

4. Where was your first kiss? Up at Alta ski resort off some beaten path in the snow... yes, it was the next day when we went skiing, what can I say, Spence is a fast mover!

5. Did you have a long or short courtship/engagement? Long, I loved it. About a month after we started dating, I went on study abroad to London for four months. It was fun to build a foundation of friendship to our relationship while I was away. We got engaged a year after our first date, and then married 6 months later.

6. Where did you get engaged? We got engaged on the coast of Oregon at the Haceta Head Lighthouse at sunset - speen is quite adorable!

7. Where were you married? We were Married in the Salt Lake Temple, June 28, 2003.

8. How did your reception go? It was so much fun. It was an outside reception in my parents backyard. We did not have a line, we just went around & said hi to everyone. We had really good food, all set up under different tents, and we had a great band with a lot of fun dancing. I also had to coolest, most colorful cake ever! I would post a pic if I had any wedding pic's downloaded to my computer.

9. How was your honeymoon? We had so much fun - Life with Spence is always so much fun. We went to Puerto Vallarta Mexico. I remember one day we rented a jeep and went cruising all over. Spence speaks spanish, so we would pull up to bus stops, and in spanish, spence would yell out "free taxi." All of these Mexicans would jump in the back and we would drive them to where they were going - whether it was clear up the mountains where they had no running water, out by the airport, etc. - we drove all over, it was really funny!

So far, the past four years with Speen have been incredible!
Thanks for being so amazing lovebug!

10. Who's turn in next? I'll say - katie miller, tenley branca, suzi barkley, jonna sutterfield, natalie whitney, and becca mauss.


Jonna & Eric said...

yeah...I loved reading your stories! I can't wait to do mine...check it out soon. Spence was always the ladies man! I remember your cake too, I thought it was awesome! Can you believe how long it has been..Eric and I are coming up on 6 years! WOW!

Natalie said...

I totally remember hearing your first date (and first kiss) story a few days after it happened. I remember thinking, "Katie is totally going to marry this guy!" Wahoo! I was right! Cute stories!

Vic and Lindsay said...

You two are soo cute together...We miss you like crazy!

Nicole & Weston Maughan said...

Katie I love your creativity with being "tagged"...it was fun seeing your cute pictures of your adventures and how you incorporated it with your answers! You guys are a great couple.

The Skinners said...

okay.. so you don't need any help. your blog is sooo cute! i love all the pics of lance. hopefully we will see you tomorrow either at the pool or park! later.


Spencer said...

Thanks love bug. I feel the same about you! Life with you is always incredible. I love every day with you. I am always learning how to be a better person with you and you push me to be my best in all I do. I truly believe that I am the luckies man on the planet, by far!
Love you,

Natalie said...

You guys are so cute! I loved reading your history. I can't believe you tagged me.....maybe I'll get around to it! LOL

Abi said...

Okay that was such a fun post. I laughed reading the things you two did. Especially the part about the free taxi. That made me crack up!! I loved reading about this. My friend Lindsay Miller took a picture of your cake. I have to agree, it was AWESOME!


hi guys it was so fun ro see you! whats your address i am having a jewerly party and i wanted to show ya! sure love ya - nat