Friday, December 7, 2007


Lance is such a lucky guy to be surrounded by so many fun friends down here in AZ! Here he is with Tienna, is she a cutie or what. She is about 3 weeks older than Lance. She can already sit up on her own, she is quite a smarty pants. We'll have to have Lance and Tienna hang out more often so that some of her tricks can rub off on him!

She also got a little aggressive, look at her already wanting to hold his hand!!! ;)

Here is Lance with his best friend Easton Warner. I think that Easton stole all of the good hair - that is why Tienna and Lance are left bald! He is one month old and such a little cutie!

Lance loves all his buddies down here!


Carlie and Ryan Skinner said...

such cute pictures. glad to hear that he is such a smiler. isn't it the best?!!

Josh, Abbie and Tienna said...

We need to get together again for sure. Tienna loves playing with other babies ... if you can really even call it playing. Good luck with this week!