Thursday, April 24, 2008

Park City UPdates - Per the Speenwalter

Park City High School 1998 has the following website: So, anyone that checks our blog that went to High School with Spence, please click on the link and get connected with your classmates. It also has information about your 10 year reunion.

Secondly, I wanted to let you know that our friend Jonna has started a fantastic company with modern baby items - she has bedding, burp cloths, bibs, toys, blankets, towels, lamps - you name it, she sews it. She is super talented. So, check out here website:
She is actually doing a free giveaway - so if you go to her blog and post a comment by I think the 26th (you'll have to check) you could be in the running for a darling burp cloth and bib.



jonna said...

thanks kids for the shout out! i will take any free advertising! you guys are the best!

E Winzeler said...

I'm assuming you'll be going to the reunion, are you going to both nights? Let us know what your plans are when you make them!