Monday, April 28, 2008

Which mom are you?

Take this test!
OK, so maybe you never went straight from a convent to motherhood, but it's a safe bet that you encourage and support your family in much the same way that Maria did. Playful and yes, sometimes a little mischievous, you tend to lead by doing, and you always make sure to help your children achieve their goals without actually doing it for them.

You inspire your family because you always find creative ways to make even the most mundane chores or homework problems seem fun and important. And you want others to try to find the beauty in life — whether it's from art, music, books, or adventure. Those are just a few of your favorite things.


Carlie and Ryan Skinner said...

hey katie-
i was wondering how much it cost for you to get lance's picture taken?? i love those pictures that your friend took and might want to call her to get dane's taken too.

Ames Family said...

So cute Katie! That totally fits you. She is darling. I am Maria Portakolas!!!! Hahaha!