Friday, April 16, 2010

"LETTUCE" Entertain You!

So, being the activity chairs of the ward, we were informed in January, that the activities committee would also be known as the roadshow committee... yes, if you are wondering if roadshows still exist, the answer is YES in our stake, they most certainly do.

To be honest, I wasn't overly thrilled about the idea, but they assured me that there would be two directors called to really be in charge of the whole thing. We just had to help. So, somehow I got put in charge of choreography. Well, I know this probably sounds pretty funny for those of you who know me well, since you know that my dancing sense and style is very much lacking. So to be in charge of choreography was pretty funny.

I decided the best way to choreograph it would be to just jump in with both feet and be a part of the roadshow with all the ym/yw! Yes, true story, so myself and thankfully my friend Alyson decided to join in on the roadshow action.

It actually turned out to be very successful and very cute. It was a script about a bunch of veggies in a refrigerator. The people in my ward made the costumes and talk about talented, the costumes were off the hook. We performed two times this past week. Spence was the MC of the night both nights and did a great job entertaining everyone between numbers.

So here are a few fun pictures from the roadshow adventure...

Alyson and I in our lettuce costumes!

This is a pretty good picture of everyone, however the milk was 3 feet wide, so he is blocking a couple of the carrots and onions.

Yes, I am dancing with a tomatoe!

Each veggie had a dance and song they went to center stage to perform. We sang a song called "Lettuce Entertain You!"

And finally the entire cast!

FYI - the little kids in the front in black and white were the "furries" also knows as the mold, lOL!


Rachel said...

Those costumes are so cute! I can't believe there are wards that still do road shows:) It sounds like it was cute. I LOVE your new haircut by the way!! I also just have to say that I am a huge AI fan too and this season is soooo lame!! I seriously can't wait for it to end. Also, we are getting a tramp sometime in the next couple months. What kind did you guys get? We are debating about getting the safety net too, do you wish you had one?

Lindsay said...

Wow!!! Look at you! You are amazing! Looks like a blast. I'm sure the whole ward loved it!

Melissa said...

You're right those costumes are awesome! You look so cute in your lettuce get up :)

Chelsey said...

I haven't seen a roadshow forever. You guys look GREAT!

KelliandJonathanThorne said...

You make one dang good looking lettuce! The short hair looks especially good!