Friday, April 2, 2010

ThE WeDdInG oF tHe YeAr!!!

What can I say, my mother in law is a visionary woman! She put on such an awesome wedding for my sister in law Abi last night. It was up at Tracy Wigwam and minus the weather and the horrendous parking lot, it turned out amazing.

Jane transformed the lodge into the party planet! It was so beautiful with branches hanging from the ceiling with votive candles hanging off of them and 8 little food stations with incredible food and a happenin dance floor!

Here are some pictures from the night...

View from the top - you can get an idea of the hanging branches, the room and the food stations.

Lance and his cousins waving their little pom pom type things!

There were masks and party hats for the guests to wear!

Speen and I partying it up!

Ok, many of my friends already know that the bridesmaid outfits were going to be outrageous! They kind of went for the Mary Antoinette Carnival type of feel. So in the next several pictures, I present you with the crazy, funky, and fun bridesmaids!!!

(here we are singing a song to Abi & Ammon)

Me and the Tootles! Ok, seriously her outfit was SO CUTE! She had this tulle skirt and a little tulle bussle on the back, too cute! When we get the pictures back from the photographer I'll have to show some more detailed pictures!

More pictures of the bridesmaids!

Isn't Abi the most beautiful bride?

And here are some Taggart Family pictures! Seriously, it is hard to get a good family picture with all those kiddos! Hopefully the photographer scored a good one!


Sam and Jess said...

wow!!!! I am really bummed that I didn't remember to come up and check it out...looks like it was lots of fun and I would've loved to see Spencer lettin' loose on the dance floor ;).

Lindsay said...

LOVE IT! I especially love your references to "The Photographer"!!! Funny! I am going to go email you the pictures right now!

Melissa (Catlin) Kiser said...

man, i wish we lived stateside so we could have come! this party looks AMAZING! aunt jane really did go all out and man, abi looks GORGEOUS! what a beautiful bride. the bridesmaid outfits are such a breath of fresh air from the traditional stiffness of a wedding. how fun!

KelliandJonathanThorne said...

I love the pictures! I am so glad that we were able to go and see everything put together. P.S. Where is the family photo that you were so excited about ;) ? I was looking forward to seeing the whole family together in their cute outfits. Tallie's was by far my favorite!

Scott and Amy said...

That looks like it was an amazingly fun wedding!!! congrats to abbi she looks amazing!

plus your kiddos are so stiken cute katie! I can't wait to see them when we come down and you. whenever that may be!!! your a cutie!


Cute outfits totally awesome! Love little Tallies outfit the best!