Wednesday, December 15, 2010

We love Pamcakes!!!!

And no, that's not a typo.  We do love Pancakes, but we love PAM-cakes even more!!!! 

Our friend Pam (from out days at Thunderbird) came to visit us shortly after Lance got out of the hospital.  She absolutely spoiled the kids by the time she got here until the time she left.  She came baring gifts and spent hours playing with them, reading them books, and giving me a nice diversion!  We love Pam, and are so grateful for our friendship with her. 

The kids are crazy about her too - hence, Lance's answer in the interview above (who is your favorite person? Pam!) 

I love this picture of Pam - so typical!  She always closes her eyes!

One day we took Lance to build a bear since he was so brave in the hospital.  He picked out "Oscar!"  When I told him he could choose out an outfit for him, all he wanted was the smiley face bumblbee headband!  Well, ok!  Kids are so funny! 

Tallie was even really good at showing Pam how much food she can get in her hair!  She is even really good at getting in minutes after I have just washed her hair.... silly girl!

 Thanks for coming - and yes, this is Pam's 4th trip to Utah.  Heck, we are thinking since she visits so often, she should just make it permanent!  Love you Pammy! 

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