Friday, February 4, 2011

Solitude Weekend!

We had a wonderful weekend up at Solitude with our friends the Wagstaff's!  We were able to fit in so many fun things in a few short days!


Here is a picture of my Spence with little Spencer Wagstaff! 


Daddy and Lance!

The girlies watching from the windows! 

The guys getting ready for skiing in the mud room! 

Here come the girls again! 

Getting ready to go skiing!  BBRRR!  I am not one who is usually thrilled to go skiing in a blizzard (I kinda like to get some color from the sun while I ski - ya know), but it still turned out to be a fun day.  BIG FAN of fresh powder baby! 

The cute kiddies posing for a picture, one smile and then "group hug!"

Love this little girls chubs! 

BIG FAN of the hot tub! 

Loving that the back of these girls heads are so similar.  Exact same colored hair, with the exact same little curls, too cute! They had a blast together! 

And finally my Mr. Lance looking quite daper for church after we got home from the cabin! 

Thanks cute Devin and Naomi for a wonderful weekend, love you guys!


Erika Hanks said...

That cabin looks awesome!!! I miss skiing!

Devin, Naomi and Spencer said...

That weekend was a blast, wish it could happen every weekend. Thanks for taking all the time off to be with us, we really enjoyed just having some Wagstaff/ Taggart time together. Lets do it again soon. Maybe next time it will be in Thailand!

Jenny said...

Kids in puffy snow clothes are my fave! Your pictures are so cute:)

Lindsay said...

How fun! What a great weekend! You got some great pics. What a blast!

Lindsay said...

Katie!!! I am SO sorry, I just got online and remembered about the Groupon deal - I've been crazy busy this weekend and it just hit me! I'm such a loser, I'm so sorry. Those extra dates didn't work for me either though - bummer. I don't have a lot of freedom with Adam's job, but still, I'm so sorry. I hope you guys had a great trip and I hope you can forgive me!!!

Rachel said...

How fun! Your babies are so dang cute. The snow looks like it was amazing. I am dying to get out and ski again soon. Garrett got to go last weekend with the YM but I had to hold down the fort. BOO!

Lindsay said...

Hey you! Can't wait to hear about your trip! Cute Micaela, I'm not even sure of the name of the dance company, but she was thrilled! I had a blast with her! And we are down to 8 days until the big ultrasound! Next Wednesday - WAHOO!!!! I can't wait!

Jake and Linzey Jordison said...

Love all of the FUN pictures, especially the one with Lance sticking his tongue out and Tally in her swimming suite.