Tuesday, March 8, 2011

GaToR LaNd!

Our flight out of Florida didn't leave until 5:40pm, so we basically had a good part of thursday to hang out and have fun. Spence has a friend from business school who works in Orlando and who was able to get us some free tickets into GaToRlAnD!!! It was the perfect place to spend a few hours.

The first thing we did was take a little train ride around the park.  Poor Tallie was struggling, but at least we could be out in nice weather soaking up the sun!  

The were Gator's everywhere, Lance loved finding them! 

There was a little path that you could walk down and you would see Gators literally feet from you in the water and marsh land. 

I thought this was a nice, scenic picture! 

Lance and Speen were at a show, and I was trying to get Tallie to fall asleep, so here I am trying to take a picture of me and Gator!

Lance got to feed the Gator's some food.  And what do they eat?  HOT DOGS of course! ;) 

Gator up close!

They even had a little water park and playground, which was a blast! 

This is where I throw Lance when he is naughty... jk!

Goodbye Gator Land, and goodbye Florida!  We had an exceptional 11 days!!!!  It felt amazing to get out of the Utah cold and into the Florida sun!  Trust me, you will be missed! 


Nicole said...

looks like a fun trip!

Erika Hanks said...

You guys packed a TON in!!! Looks super, super fun!

Rachel said...

Kates what an amazing trip!! My kids have loved seeing all the pictures. Carter has made me show him the aligator pictures like 5 times each and blow them up big:) I bet your kids had a blast! Poor Tallie that's too bad she got sick at the end.

rocknclarks said...

What a great trip! I loved catching up on your adventures! All of you look great!

Kristin said...

looks like fun! I dont know why but I am DEATHLY afraid of gators and crocodiles. I would never be able to visit that place. So glad you guys had such a fun trip... you stayed busy for sure!!