Monday, March 28, 2011


There are a lot of things I LOVE about Spencer's job.  First off, I am grateful he has a job.  Secondly, I am grateful he has a job that he enjoys and that keeps him busy.  Plus, they offer a lot of cool perks, like great vacation time, a company gym and and an on site personal trainer and masseuse, etc.

However, I don't enjoy their reimbursement policy AT.ALL!  Let me explain.

Every time you go out of town you have to fill out an expense spreadsheet with all of your expenses.  They give you a daily limit for food, and all receipts need to be attached an itemized.  Well my darling Spence does not have a whole half a day to fill out these form, so I lovingly offered to fill them out for him.  Spence went on three business trip in February (1 for 8 days, 1 for 1 day, and 1 for 3 days).  Here are all 16 PAGES (yes, 16 pages) of his reimbursements.  It seriously took me at least 4 hours to fill out this paperwork (uninterrupted!).  One day I worked on them while my mom had Lance and Tallie was napping, and the other time was after the kids had gone to bed.

Oh, and that's not all - this came back with about 10 post it notes on it asking for follow up information! 

Please Spencer's work that I love so much, please please please consider your reimbursement policy.  It would save your employees, their spouses, and especially your finance department, oh so much valuable time!




Natalie said...

Oh Katie, that is something that never is going to change. Every company that I have ever worked for you have to fill out expense reports and detail everything that you need reimbursement for. It's a pain. Spence is luck he has to you to do it.

The only way around it would be for him to have a company credit card and for him to turn in all his receipts.

Abi said...

See . . . you guys should switch to Vitamix and FAST! ;)