Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Lance's 4th Birthday!!!

Can I just say that I LOVE Lance's birthday!  I think his birthday is probably my favorite day of the entire year.  There is just something about having a middle of the summer birthday that just makes me happy!  It is always sunny, it stays light until 9:30, I get to spoil my favorite little guy all day - what can I say - I LOVE july 15th!

July 14th Lance randomly started screaming about ear pain.  Ironically he had his first ear infection ever!  In the middle of the summer, the day before he turned 4.   But luckily we got him on an antibiotic and he was good to go in a couple hours.  Glad that didn't interfere with his big day!  Spence's sister Sophie slept over and I went in to check on them and found them sleeping like this, lol! 

Lance LOVES Soph, so it was a treat to get to spend his birthday eve and birthday morning with her!

Sophie stayed up late and helped us decorate the house for his birthday, he loved it! 

Birthday waffles for breakfast!

Surprisingly I didn't take any pictures of our adventures during the day, but we went to Toys R' Us, where they do this little thing where they give the kid a balloon and a crown and announce to the whole store it's your birthday, and then you get to pick out like a $3 toy for free!  Next we headed to the mall and he made a build a bear, and then of course stopped at McDonald's! 

Later that night we had spaghetti for dinner and opened up presents! 

Do you think we have enough balloons? 

This was one of the greatest gifts.  It was a rocket launcher and he would jump on it and that rocket would shoot up into the sky!  It was wonderful... until it broke a few weeks later!  But for the 3 weeks it worked, it was fantastic! ;) 

My parents came over later that night and spoiled him with more presents! 

Since we were having his big party the next day, we gave him a cupcake and let him blow out some candles. 

Seriously is that the biggest balloon you've ever seen?  My friend Les and her kids brought it over for Lance!  He was obsessed he loved carrying it around all day! 

Wow, what to say about Lance!  He has always been my sweet, loving, easy-going child. He is amazing, and we are so grateful our little Lance man is part of our family!  Happy Birthday Lance we love you!

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