Monday, October 3, 2011

Summer Randoms!

We had a great summer!  Here are some pictures of some random things we did!

We went and saw our neighbor Mamadou in his Capuera performance.  He advanced to the next level and it was fun to be able to support him in this! 

I thought Lance and Tallie looked so cute in their church outfits so I wanted a pic, too bad Lance was so goofy in the pic!

Lance said his first prayer in Primary.  It was SO ADORABLE!  We weren't sure if he would be shy and not say anything or what, but the exact opposite happened.  He was going on and on and saying thanks for each kid individually by name, that eventually someone had step up and get him to wrap it up.  Such a cute little guy!

The week before Lance turned 4, we went to Wheeler Farm with some friends!

I'm not so sure Tallie is a fan of the choke hug!

Seriously, what a stud!

Love this pic!

An attempt to take a picture of Lance's friends with their little siblings!

We had a "vogue night" for Young Women's one Tuesday, and I took pictures of all the girls, it was a blast!  I love the girls in our ward, they are so amazing!

And I am so grateful I get to work with these fabulous ladies as well! (and the others that are missing!)

We blew up probably 50 balloons for Lance's birthday, he had fun for weeks after playing in his balloons!

Tallie had fun and so did Lance's friends who came over!

Best quote - I gave Lance a fruit by the foot and he pulls it off in one fell swoop and says, "wow, I couldn't do that when I was 3, but now I can do it now that I'm 4!"

Headed to the zoo one Saturday!  Tallie liked watching Speen and Lance come around the carousel!

Maybe we forgot to mention to Lance that the dinosaurs were not real!??

Tallie LOVES her yummies!  She can't even play on the playground with out her sandwich in hand!

Hmmm, did I mention, Tallie likes to eat!  Don't mess with this girl and her yummies!

We met up with some of Spencer's friends he hadn't seen since High School up in Park City one afternoon.  They had a good time catching up. 

Loved our slurpees this summer!  Especially the sugar free ones!  I swear it had been 10 years since I had last had a slurpee!

Oh this girl cracks me up, such a fun and busy personality!

Went with our friends to a fun bounce house one day.  It was a little strange.  We went at 10am and the guy had it pitch black inside with neon lights.  You could barely see a thing.  He said it was his "party lights?" at 10am? on a Monday?  A little creepy if you ask me...  Well the kids still had fun. 

Lance has never really liked playing with toys all that much, and Tallie has been the exact opposite which has been fun.  As I mentioned, she loves her food, so naturally she loves her play food as well.  She will play in the play room by herself and set up lots of meals on the table and then "eat them!"  So funny to watch!

I love this handsome little man!

And here is the "diva" as we affectionately call her.  She has a real attitude and opinion about what she wears every day and she's only 1!  YIKES!  She would not leave home with out her boots on!

Now onto catching up the months individually!


Rachel said...

looks like a great summer Kates! Your kids are growing up so fast. I seriously can't believe how big Tallie is! Love those pink boots:) Rylynn had strong opinions about what she wore from 14 months on too...good luck:)

Webster Family said...

Where do you find sugar free slurpees?

Melissa said...

So much fun to see them grow up! What cute little bugs they are.