Saturday, October 6, 2012

Burn Party!

One of my favorite parts about summer is BBQ with friends and late nights sitting around the fire pit roasting marshmallows and chatting with good friends.  End of June we had the Lambert's and Taylor's over for a night of swimming, tin foil dinners, mallow roasting, darts and chatting ! 

Starting off the night right with a sip of DC!  

This dart board has accompanied us through 4 moves, and it is so much fun to play a good game of darts in the backyard!  

The beautiful gray striped ladies preparing the tin foil dinners!  

Roasting up some hot diggity dogs for the kids! 

 Well it's pretty obvious that Whitey and Sammy are going to be pros when their new baby sister arrives! 

And wala, tin foil dinner is perfection, and delicious! 

Amy introduced us to the most delicious marshmallows.... a marshmallow wrapped in biscuit dough, dipped in melted butter then rolled in cinnamon and sugar and then roasted over the fire.  Um, my mouth is watering just remembering the goodness.  

The adorable little p at 2 months!  Happy as ever! 

A close up pic of the cinnamon mallow goodness!! 

Great night! 

Love these girls!  

Mrs. Mischief!  

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