Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Happy Anniversary!

On June 28, 2012 this Hunk o' Love & I celebrated 9 years of marriage!

Here is a little recap of our married years so far... 

9 years of marriage
8 different cars
7 broken ribs
6 career changes (by Spence!)
5 "amazing" weight loss challenges hosted by Speener!
4 states lived in (Utah, Arizona, Washington & California)
3 kids
2 houses we've owned
and 1 studmuffin by my side to share in the adventure!
(not to mention 18 countries visited, 3 degrees completed, 10 moves, 9 wards and tons of new friends and fun adventures!)

It is safe to say it's been an adventurous experience so far, and I look forward to celebrating many more anniversaries with my Speener.
So, to celebrate our anniversary this year, I decided to plan a little date.  Our actual anniversary was in the middle of the week, so that day we went and did sealings at the Temple and ate at Blue Lemon.  I kept the big date saved for the following Saturday...  

If I'm being honest I thought I was pretty dang funny.  When we first started dating, I was working at the fruit stands.  Ya know the ones you see on the side of the road?  Well, when we got married Spence and I worked the Tagge's Fruit Stand down at Pioneer Park for a summer together.  All the money we made at the fruit stand that summer we spent on a trip to Guatemala to visit Spencer's mission.  

Well, I thought it would be funny to surprise Spence with a blast from the past and work the fruit stands together.  He thought I was surprising him with an early morning tee time, so he wasn't exactly jumping  up and down when Saturday morning came and I told him we would be working for the next 7.5 hours selling fruit BUT being the good sport he is he decided to have fun with it.  (Especially after I told him all the money we made we would spend at LuluLemon later on that night!)  

Here we are back at our old stomping grounds - Tagge's Fruit & The Farmer's Market at Pioneer Park!

Spence manned the jam/salsa stand most of the day, and anyone who knows Spence knows that he can sell ANYTHING!  I bet he sold more salsa that day then they have sold the entire season, he was so funny.  Telling people the raspberry salsa was like having "a party on your tongue" among other things.  It was quite entertaining watching him! 

Well, so Spence wouldn't be disappointed, I also planned an afternoon of golf up at Mountain Dell.  I wasn't quite ready to leave the little p with a babysitter so we brought her along!

Man this guy LOVES golf! 

                                                   Us girls riding in style in the golf cart!

Great swing my love! 

I seriously can't get enough of this little girl! She is the sweetest thing!  

 Oh hello little deer in the middle of the fairway! 

2 of Speener's loves - Pres & Golf! 

After golf we ate at the Bombay House (one of our fav's), shopped at Lulu Lemon with our fruit stand money, and went to a movie!  

Thanks to all our babysitters that day we were able to enjoy a super fun day celebrating 9 years of us!  I love you Spencer Paul Taggart!!!  

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