Tuesday, July 9, 2013

12 months!

12 months baby!!!!  

Can it be true!?  1 already?  

Let's see - Presley at 1:  

Still crawling 
Pulls her self up to everything and takes a few steps around furniture 
Not much balance yet 
Still a great sleeper - 12 hours/nights 
Still only 4 teeth
Doesn't like milk or bottles much - I give her two bottles a day - one when she wakes up in the morning and one after her nap to try to get her to drink some milk 
Has started to get extremely picky and she will throw stuff on the ground she doesn't like 
Had 3 ear infections this month!  My first kid to get an ear infection 
Still so happy and chill, will go to anyone 
Loves her family and lights up whenever Tallie, Lance or daddy walk in the room!  
We are lucky to have this amazing gal!  
Happy Birthday darling girl!  xoxoxo 

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