Thursday, August 1, 2013

March Random!

Springtime lunches on the tramp!  

Love nice spring days when you can play outside all day!  

Having some fun with chalk! 

My kids love doing their work books.  

As with Spring weather, one day sunny, next day snowy! 

My sweet grandma with her great grandkids Presley & Luke!  Love when my cousin Ashley and her kids come to visit!  

My cute friend Lara came and brought Tallie & Presley matching anchor outfits because she thought they were cute.  So thoughtful of Lara and Tallie loved it!  
What a poser! 

Spring picnic dinner on the trampoline!  

Trying to get a picture of my girlies in their matching anchor outfits!  

This was the month of Presley's ear infections and unhappiness!  Not the best time for a matching picture, although I love Tallie sill trying to cheese it! 

 Well onward and upward onto April! 

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