Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Happy Birthday to me! Cali Baby!

I turned 31 on April 20, and all I wanted for my birthday was to put my feet in the sand!  It had been so cold and snowy and rainy in Utah and so it felt great to leave the bad weather behind and headed to sunny California!  

Me & my little partner on the plane!  

Daddy & Pres sound asleep! 

 Jojo sound asleep as well! 

Goof balls! 

Since it was currently snowing in Utah, we could resist going straight to the pool when we arrived and soaked up the last vitamin D of the day! 

Spence and I ended the night with a dinner date to the Beach Comber and yes, I was able to soak my toes in the sand!  

 The next day we headed down to LaJolla to visit my aunt and uncle who recently retired there.  Here is a panoramic view I shot right in their backyard!  

My sweet aunt wanted to throw me a birthday dinner at the beach for my birthday, so we headed down to her favorite spot, The Cove, and set up a fun picnic!  

So much sass in one little girl! 

These trees behind Lance were sooo cool!  So beautiful and the kids had so much fun climbing on them.  

Tootles looking out at the ocean.  I love her hair!!! 

I love this cute picnic my aunt and uncle made and at this Heavenly place.  It was sooo awesome and so kind of them!  

Presley was totally down for this big chicken drum stick! It cracked me up! 

Looking out at the sea otters! 

Heading down to explore the tide pools! 

My mom and her only sister! 

Love this little snuggly peanut! 

Lance looking at the ocean! 

Tootle's jumping over the tide pools! 

My kids LOVE LOVE LOVE the sand!  Pres was so excited to play in it~ 

Loved spending an incredible day with these fine folks!! 

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