Thursday, August 1, 2013

Happy Easter!

Warning:  Major picture overload!  

We had a spectacular Easter.  And may I say when we have beautiful weather, it makes the day that much better!  

When the kids woke up, they searched high and low for their Easter baskets!!  

Tallie found Presley's basket hidden above the coat rack.  

Yay for new bath toys!    

Tootles found hers in the basement under the computer desk!  
I love her excitement for everything! 

Lance's was well hidden in the laundry dryer!  

Yummy Easter breakfast! 

A couple quick Easter egg hunts before church!  Tallie looking suave in her new Easter dress!  

Tallie enjoying some yummy treats! 

Spencer looks like my own brightly colored Easter Egg!  

Even Presley enjoyed herself some plastic eggs and sitting on the sidelines! 

After a little egg hunt around our yard, we went over to JT & Kelli's house for another egg hunt!  

Oh she's too cute for words! 

My little Pres has no fear of dogs!  

As I've said it before, this little girl loves my brother JT!!!  They have a special bond.  

Hopefully one day they will have kids.  Don't they look good with 3 kids?  Thank you for a fun easter egg hunt Jt & Kell kell!  

Our friends Austin & Annabelle came and visited us and joined us for the egg hunt and church!  

On the way to my moms, my little p discovered how to open up a plastic egg and very much enjoyed a piece of chocolate!  

Sadly, I didn't really get any pics of the festivities that happened at my parents house, but I did manage to take a picture of the world's most amazing desert.  Rice pudding with delicious sauce, whip cream and cinnamon!  OOOOH so good!  

 Handsome little Lance! 

Cute JT & Kelli 

My three little loves!  I love them, my family and especially my Savior Jesus Christ who died for me and for all of us and was resurrected.  I testify that He lives and that he loves us!  Happy Easter to all!  xo 

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