Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Cali, part 2!

We spent all day Monday at Disney.  It was absolutely perfect!  It was not crowded at all, the weather was wonderful and I think we hit up 25 rides, most of which Pres came on!  It was so great!  

Tuesday was spent hanging at this beautiful place! 

This image is quite blurry but our hotel had so many fun things going on including one night they had a big bonfire and they gave you little packages with s'more making kits that included a glow in the dark band.  It was so cute!  

 Spence had to leave to go back to work the rest of the week, but we continued to have a blast.  We spent a day in Laguna beach!  

Yum, nothing like eating some sand! 

Toes in the sand! 

Practicing some walks with uncle Craiger! 

Lunch on the beach! 

My favorite part of the day was watching Lance & Tallie play for hours in the waves.  Simple joys!  

Afternoon in Crystal Cove!

The entrance to the beach is through this tunnel and there are fun paintings on the walls!  

Yes, she is such a performer! 

Chasing waves! 

Lance has always been so sweet and tender hearted towards Presley.  If he was only that way to his other sister too! 

Dinner at the Shake Shack! 

Goof Ball! 

We built a fun sand castle! 

She finds every way not to walk!  

 Beautiful sunset! 

 I'd call it a pretty successful day at the beach! 

Another highlight from our trip to California was meeting up with a good friend.  My friend Jennifer lived next to my grandparents growing up and since I was always at my grandparents we became great friends.  We have stayed in touch through out the years and it was fun to meet up and see each other's kids!  We spent a fun day hanging out at the pool and catching up!  

Yep, that was our view! LOL!  

The kids joined in on a game of checkers! 

Lance, Meredith, Maddox, & Tallie!  

Jennifer & I with our babies - Presley & Margaret!  

And finally one random picture of the place we stayed - love Tallie's breakfast view!  

Loved spending a super fun week in California with my fam and my mom!  It was so kind of my mom to let us use her timeshare!  And it was the best getaway!!!!  

And that's what I call success..... 

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