Sunday, August 4, 2013

Midway & Presley's year photos!

We headed up to Midway in early April and spent a few days up there over Lance's spring break.  

I'm looking down on Tallie from the balcony! 

These two goof balls chased this ball up and down the hill several times.  Every time they got the ball up the hill, the wind blew it back down!  Teamwork finally succeeded in getting it back into the house! 

And I wanted to get a cute 1 year photo of my little p, and I think I got a couple good ones!  

Dang shadow! But I love her little chubby face! 

Best Sisters! 

She is a true joy! 

Love this candid photo!  And I love her laugh too!  
Too cute! 

Me & my little munchkin love with a view of Midway in the background! 
Love-love-love her!  

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