Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Spring Soccer!!!

We had a fun Spring with both of the kids signed up for soccer.  It was a ton of fun because both of our kids were on "blue" teams with their friends!  

Tallie's first game of the season was played again the grandson of my dad's best friend through out high school and college.  So, afterwards we all went out to dinner together.  It was a lot of fun!  

Some random pictures of the kids playing through out the season!  

She is too cute!  Every time she kicked the ball she would turn and smile right at me!  

Tallie cracked me up - one game she was afraid and wouldn't want to play, the next she would be aggressive and going after the ball, and the final game of the season she was holding hand with her new best friend!  Totally funny!  

Lance & Tallie's biggest fan!  

Tallie with her teammates and buddies - Ollie Smith & Todd Swenson 

Lance with his buddies - Lydia, Bjorn and Maggie! 

And of course the kids favorite part of the season, the trophies!  

Great season!  Proud of my kids!  

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