Tuesday, September 10, 2013

So, recently, myself and two of my Chi Omega sorority friends have reunited and become great friends. We were all good friends in our days at the U, but then we got married and went our separate ways, to different states and eventually all ended up back in Utah living within minutes and miles (even yards) of each other.  We decided to get together and have a playdate with our kids to the park.  Well, three and a half hours later, we were still chatting and the kids were still playing.  We all have kids the same age  and they all got along great.  We have done several playdates and even decided to start a babysitting co op together for the summer!  We shall see how that works out.  

Here was a super fun playdate to the zoo!  

Our little monkey's - checking out the monkey's! 

The lego exhibit was going on at the zoo and that was fun to see! 

Posing by the hippo statue!  

And I had to document Presley's first carasol ride! She get blowing out the whole time, it was so adorable!  

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