Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Family Night Sunset Hike

I love enjoying the beautiful world we live in. We went on a fantastic hike for family night with a bunch of friends. The Petty's shared with us some thoughts on obtaining better balance in our lives. We are so grateful for our cute family, to live in this beautiful state, and to be surrounded by amazing friends.

Pictured: (Giaque's, Petty's, Taggart's, Prices, and Hanny's)

Lance was a big fan of the hike!

Ok, so maybe I wouldn't be totally against pre-arranged marriage - I mean, wouldn't Lance and Elia be a perfect couple? She is a couple years older, but don't they say that girls usually live a bit longer?

Yeah, so for the first time we forgot the binky binks... oh, well we made do!


The Bells said...

Man, do I know how horrible it is to forget the binki. I forgot it when I went to church and I had to send Eric home to get it because we couldn't last three hours with out it. I guess it was mainly to stop him from babbling. Can you believe our boys are 7 months old? It is going so fast. Lance is very cute.
That hike looked like a lot of fun. Enjoy that weather!

Abi said...

Seriously that picture makes me so want the summer to be here! How awesome! What a group of people too . . . My favorite things. . . being outside with friends! Great looking pictures! I hate binkies for that reason . . .when I forget them!

Criscell said...

How fun! Isn't that the best view up there? And it's so close to our apts. too!

We've forgotten the paci before too! Now I never leave home without SEVERAL extras! I guess I need to wean Caysja from it anyway...just one more thing to do!

Carlie and Ryan Skinner said...

awesome picture! that needs to be framed and hung up.

Devin and Naomi Wagstaff said...

Katie and Spencer, So jealous, Arizona looks beautiful! We are just excited to get up to 38 degrees and not have so much snow, pretty pathetic huh!

We miss you guys, we need to talk soon! I'm at 25 weeks, katie I gained 6 lbs last month, I'm going to look like a hot air balloon by the time this little guy arrives! eeek. Devin is doing great, he has been in Sacramento all week checking out law firms, well see what happens, he also had an interview with a law firm in SLC so we'll see where we are this summer!

Do you guys have any plans yet?

Vic, Linds, and the girls... said...

Holy Heck Katie!!......could your list of friends be any longer. It probably takes you all day to go through all of them. (I just barely noticed it.) I wish that blogger could email you when someone on your friends list updated.
Saw that you called today but I will have to call you when it is not so chaotic around here. (probably late tonight.) Looks like you guys have met some fun friends down there. I'm sure nobody beats hanging out with us though. haha! Well Miss you guys!! I'll try to call you later.

Rachel said...

I love the binki picture! You look so skinny BTW. I hate it when we forget the binki. My kids are addicted to them. I am still trying to get Rylynn off of them and she is going to be three in a couple weeks!