Sunday, February 17, 2008


Spence's sister and her husband just started an INCREDIBLE furniture company, called Five Star Source. They have amazing, quality furniture for top-notch prices! Check out their website.

(ps - I can attest to the good prices - there is a little basketball chair and ottoman for a little kid, and I saw the same one at the outlets here for alot more!)


Criscell said...

Cute stuff!! Now if only I had a house and lots of!

It was fun to sit by you in R.S. today! I heard that Caleb and Spencer had quite the time in their primary class today!

The Brown Team said...

YA! Thank you Katie! you figured the link thing out and made a great post! Thank you so much!. You are truly wonderful I love you so much and am so grateful for our isn't always easy to have a good buddy buddy friendship with your in-laws, I feel so lucky to have you.

Melissa (Catlin) Kiser said...

I saw that site on Kelli's blog and wish I had some moula to get all that gorgeous stuff. Our furniture is going to be so BLAH when we get the government issued stuff in Okinawa. So, here's the lowdown on Oki...we'll be there for 3 years and when we're done there we will be done with the military (according to me. According to Rob there is a chance of specializing and staying in another 6 years). We'll leave the beginning of July/end of June so we need to get together before then. My girlfriend just had her sister from AZ visit her and got me thinking about a trip to see you guys. Or, we can just wait and you can come visit us in Japan. Sounds good to me!