Thursday, June 5, 2008

Our new adventure!

**********************Warning: TONS OF PICTURES **********************************

After 8 days, 1900 miles, and 32 hours of travel time, we arrived in the great state of Washington!

We found a studio apartment above a guy in our bishopric's garage. It is fantastic. This is the view of the Puget Sound: picture taken right out of our window! The sound stretches as far as we can see either way. It is incredible. The bad news - he already has a 2 year lease on this place starting July 1, so we are only here for a month. This way we thought we could get acquainted with the area and then find somewhere else to live for 2 months. The ward is fantastic, our first week there everyone was so nice and we had four offers for dinner!

We are probably 70 yards from the water. We walk down a tiny hill, across the railroad tracks (yes there are probably 35 trains that come by every day - the first time we heard them we thought it was an earthquake, now we don't even notice them)

... to the beatiful water. It isn't like a beach, there is just a small opening of sand/rocks/logs off the side of the RR tracks. There are several homes that front the water.

Here is a picture from our stay in Tilamook, OR - we ate at this place called The Rodeo. When you walked in they gave you peanuts and you just threw the shell on the ground. Then we got warm rolls with honey butter. We had the most amazing meal - We had prime rib chili, I got a salsa/jalepeno burger and speen got a steak sandwich. Lance loved it cause there was a band playing. Two of the band members came over and sang a private song "puff the magic dragon" to Lance. So fun - I wish I would have thought to record it.

Here are pictures from our stay in Fresno, CA.

Here is Lance and Allie. They are best buddies. Lance is such a polite little guy, he totally "lets" Allie beat up on him. (At least we'll pretend he lets her!)

Sweet Em and Soph got kicked out of their bed and to sleep on the floor in the closet: Thanks girls for sacrificing so we could have a bed!

We hung out with our favorite Fresno friends: The Lawson's and Smith's.

Lance and Alster - what great eyes they both have.

We even took a little family picture!
The whole clan minus Abi who is in Argentina. Maybe we can photoshop her in!

This is our car loaded up and ready for the trip to WA! Yes, we could only bring what we fit in our car and we chose to fit in Lance's bouncer!!!

The week we left, my friends Lindsay and Jessica came to visit. We had a blast hanging out with them and their cute little girls. We had fun swimming in their hotel pool.

Ok seriously - do I even need to say any more - there is a somebody named their restuarant the "Pink Taco?!?" And for the record, it was NOT good!

Here is a group shot - Lance what a lucky guy to be surrouned by all the cute girls. I love this pic of Linds and Taylin - they couldn't stop laughing at the funnythings Spence was doing while taking the picture!


E Winzeler said...

What an adventure! Glad you found a home and the view is great! You have such a darling little family! The Pink Taco?!?! Are you kidding me? And you dared to eat there...impressive! Have a blast (you always do)on your new adventure in WA!!!

Ry + Alicia Voigts said...

Looks like y'all are having so so so much fun!!! That is a GREAT adventure!

Frei Family said...

How fun.. it looks like you are having so much fun!! Good for you guys!!

Nicole said...

wow, you've been busy!

i live by train tracks right now, and you're right--i don't even hear the trains any more.

and i cannot believe you found "chat with chole." wasn't i being british in those things? unreal.

Sim & Kam said...

Looks fun. Miss you guys. Love the lookout from your studio.

Sean, Siri, Addie and Connor said...

I love your pictures! It looks like fun!!! I always laugh when I see that restaurant.

Abi said...

That is a crazy month! How much fun!! I love the scenery of your new place! It looks so beautiful!!

Carlie and Ryan Skinner said...

what the heck!! i get back in town and hear that you guys have moved!! hope all is well in washington. that is such a great view to have.


kevin and kalie chamberlain said...

This looks so fun! I wish we were there... it looks so coooool. Have fun, and we're excited for when you get back. :)

Erika Hanks said...

So fun to see some pictures! I am dying to see pics of the inside of your place, the view looks amazing! If it gets too hot here, we are on our way!