Friday, June 6, 2008

The Pad... per Erika's request.

Welcome to the Simple Life! It is amazing how you can totally simplify. We only brought what we could fit in our small car, and it has been perfect.

Here is the outside of our puget sound studio! Big fan of this!

There is a tiny bedroom off of the main room with our one closet and where we put Lance's porta crib. As you can see, no other furniture!

Here is our family room/main room/kitchen... The only piece of furniture we have bought is that air mattress. Surprisingly, it isn't too bad to sleep on, we are getting used to it. A guy at Spencer's work let us borrow a TV and stand for the summer. And - yes - we fit Lance's jumper in our car, he just loves it too much not to bring it.

Here is another view of this room. It is nice because he has an island with two stools, so that way we didn't have to buy a table and chairs, WAHOO!

And finally this picture was taken tonight, this City seriously is BEAUTIFUL! Well, at least when I can see it - - - it probably has stopped raining for a total of 3 hours since we have been here! And the high has been 54, yea it is FREEZING! That is a long way from the 100 in Phoenix. But I am not complaining it will be nice to have a cooler summer.


Melissa said...

Thats how I feel being here! You learn to do without a lot of things, when it isnt all right infront of you. It's kind of nice!

I love your pics...

Martha said...

I definitely understand the simple life! It looks like a great adventure for you in a gorgeous place and a nice break from the Arizona sun. I'm glad you found a great place to stay--I would have freaked out if our housing fell through like yours!

Erika Hanks said...

I love it! What a great find that place is! Seriously you guys are the most adventurous people, ever! Thanks for the post!

Suzi said...

So glad you are settled and liking it there. Your pics are great and you guys are such the troopers!

Jen Petty said...

Your family pictures are turning out great! I love the deep sepia tone pictures. It has been a lot cooler here too. This morning it was June! It looks so beautiful where you are. It is nice to simplify though isn't it? I wish I knew how to do that better.

youngfam said...

Looks like you are having a great time! I love the pic of you loaded car, so funny!! looks beautiful there.

Criscell said...

Looks like an adventure! We miss you though. You'll be back in the Fall, right? Have fun and enjoy the cooler weather for us!

Alysha said...

We know all about portacribs-we used them for 8 months until we moved to the house we are in. The place we were in was on the beach but tiny! It's totally worth it though-love every minute you are near that water.
Also-LOVED LOVED LOVED those pics on the railroad tracks. Seriously award-winning! :)

Melissa (Catlin) Kiser said...

What a RAD adventure. I lived in my car for a summer but that was back in the single life. Now with kids it would be totally different. As we're getting ready to move to Japan we're only allowed 5,000 lbs. I keep telling Melissa that as long as she the two boys and Izzy are on the plane( along with my running shoes and bike) life will be okay. The Simple life what a great thought, I'm excited for our version of it coming up
What a great opportunity for Spence!
Love the Family Picture especially Kelly's little one.

Jane: Love the teeth!

Love ya,

J.T., Sadie, Berit said...

you're so photogenic! have a fun summer! ha ha i sould've said H.A.G.S. like we're in high school or something. enjoy your adventure, and if you need a place to sleep for the night on your drive back to pheonix, feel free to come a little inland and crash on our floor.