Thursday, June 5, 2008

Visit Sally's Clippies!

My friend Sarah is having a giveaway for FOUR metal clippies and a
headband of choice. So for you all you mother's out there with little
girls or anyone who may need some cute bows for gifts, etc - go to her
blog and leave a comment and you will be entered for this great


Ames Family said...

Thanks so much, Tee! You are a great friend. Tell Lindsay she can come over anytime and check out our stuff. Make sure you tell her about the giveaway! Love ya!

ChrisandKate said...


Erika told me you guys are up in WA!!! Wwow. So that shows how well i've kept up on blog stalking. How fun!!! PS, I still have a mad crush on your's quality is just superb. My birthday is in 7 days-- you can give me your camera if you so wish.. Jes kidding. Hope you're doing well. Looks like an adventure up there.

Jinii said...

Thanks so much for posting this link. These are so cute! I really hope our little girl likes hair bows because she will have a ton by the time she gets here.