Monday, July 14, 2008

Our non-stop, super fun... but exhausting weekend!

The overload on the pictures continues...

Our new Thursday tradition is concert in the apple orchard. There is a darling apple orchard by our house that has become an official city park. Every thursday they feature food and free concerts. It is a blast!

Two of Spencer's very favorite things in the world include:

1. His family!

2. Golf!

Put them together = Heaven on Earth!

Spence told Lance and I to meet him at the golf course after work on Friday. We proceeded to golf 18 holes while pushing Lance in the stroller! Yeah, the golf course was totally cool with that! I don't think it is very often you see a cute little baby being pushed around in a stroller on the golf course. Well, Lance loved it! Spence is convinced we have a little golfer on our hands!

We didn't finish everything on the Seattle pass with my parents last weekend, so we went back up to Seattle to go to the Experience Music Project museum. It was amazing!

They have a interactive rock band type thing you do where you get the chance to sing and play real instruments in front of a computer generated audience, so you can feel what it is like to play in front of a crowd of roaring fans! Spence played guitar and lead vocals, and I played the drums - Lance was the band manager. Too bad I don't have a picture cause it cost $10 for you bands poster. We called ourselves The Mik Taggart's!!!

Afterwards we walked around the City and ate lunch at Cheesecake Factory.

Sunday: Spence had to talk in Church on the 8th Article of Faith, he did a great job! After church ended at 2pm, we headed up to Mt. Ranier National Park again! Spence was bummed he didn't get to go with us last Monday, so we went and hiked around in the beatiful nature! It is about a 90 min drive one way, so that basically took up the rest of the day!

Hope you enjoyed the overload of pictures once again!


Suzi said...

Wow, you guys have the coolest places to see where you live, how nice is that? The pics are great, you can never have enough of them! I would love to visit there sometime too!!

Erika Hanks said...

What happen to Mr Lance, the king of not smiling for photos? He is SUPER smiley now! He looks so cute! I notice you got a back-pack and jogger, eh? Looks like a beautiful weekend!

Devin, Naomi and Spencer Wagstaff said...

Sounds like you are having a ball in Washington. Remember that you do have to come back and see us lowly, boring people in SLC. Spence, your backpack carrier for Lance reminds us of Kronk's backpack for Isma in the Emperor's New Groove. Does it have wings too?

Anyway, Baby Spencer is excited to meet his Godparents...and baby Lance. Good luck finishing up the internship. and HAPPY BIRTHDAY LANCE (tomorrow).

kevin and kalie chamberlain said...

Hi Katie,

I have always wanted to check out that music museum--I'm glad to hear that it's amazing. Your pictures are amazing as usual. What kind of camera do you have? And yes, I agree that moving in with 24 other couples really helps with flying under the radar... when you guys get back you'll be stunned at how many new couples have moved in.... crazy!

michele cabiness said...

I have enjoyed your overload of pictures! It is absolutly beautiful up there with so much to do! We are trying to decide where Nick should look for a jobs based on where we want to live and Washington is on the list. Your pictures have only enhanced our desire to move up north! Know of anyone who needs a piolot?


i love you guys look like a blast take me with you i want to live there! you are such a cute mommy! keep up all the hard work love ya!

jonna said...

Eric has been wanting to do the same thing with taylor and golf...we were thinking the twilight hours would be better!

Mt. Rainer is the name of our co-ed softball team this summer...funny! You guys look great...having some good fun!

Sam and Jess said...

Look at you guys go! I think that you have been more places in a month than most people go all year long...Way to make the most of it. We would loooove to get together when you come in August. Keep me posted about what and when will work to get together.

Lindsay said...

Yay! I knew you guys could golf with Lance - I'm sure he totally enjoyed it! How fun! I love all your pictures - it looks like you guys live in the most beautiful place ever! I finally fixed my camera, but I'm still really wanting one like yours and my birthday is coming up....I'm hinting to my hubby! Well wow - you guys are awesome! Have fun!

Vic, Linds, and the girls... said...

I am loving the overload of pics, that is exactly how my blog is.hahah!! Looks like you guys had so much fun with your parents is town. YOu camera takes amazing pics. I miss you guys. Give a hug to little Lancey from me!