Saturday, July 12, 2008

Part 2: Hello San Juan Island!

This state is so beautiful - there is so much to do. After two fun days in Seattle, we ventured on up to San Juan Island.

On the ferry ride over to the island.

My parents relaxing on a bench once we made it to the island.

Have you seen gas this high yet? YIKES!

Exploring the island.

Lime Kiln Point Lighthouse. We went to Lime Kiln Point because that is where the 88 whales hangout! The lighthouse is in contact with all of the boats out on the water, and they know where the whales are at all times. Unfortunately when we were there, the whales were a couple of miles up the coast, so we were not able to see them. They follow the salmon up and down the coast. Since we were on the island for only a few hours, we didn't have time to wait for them, dang!

Here I am patiently waiting for the whales to come... we are hoping to come back here and go camping for Speen's b-day in a few weeks, so maybe I'll get to see them then!

There was an awesome free jazz concert at the park. My parents enjoyed listening to the music.
All the boats in Friday Harbor.
Lance LOVED hanging out outside on the deck of the ferry!

He loved peering over the railing into the water. We saw some dolphins, it was fun!


Jenny G said...

That picture of you two at the harbor is soooo cute! You guys always are on some sort of adventure:) I love it!

Criscell said...

I love the picture of Lance looking through the fence. He is such a little handsome man! What a fun time you guys are having!

Dawson, Jenn, and Evi said...

Katie what kind of camera do you have? Your pictures always look amazing. We are trying to find a new one right now. Oh and Seattle looks so fun. That is always fun to family visit, especially grandparents.

kevin and kalie chamberlain said...

Okay, it's official! I HAVE to get a camera like yours! The pictures are amazing--I like the one of you on the log--you look like a model with your sassy accessories! (Love the bracelet.) Hope we see you guys soon!

jonna said...

you guys are so productive! do you try not to drive around there with those gas prices! ridiculous! That would be fun to come and visit...we will have to check our schedule!

E Winzeler said...

Seriously, do you ever stop?!?! No wonder you're so tiny...always on the go! I love the pic of Lance peering through the chainlink into the water...his legs look so darling! We miss you guys!

Sean, Siri, Addie and Connor said...

It looks like you guys are enjoying ourselves. I can't believe the gas prices there. I think I will be walking everywhere soon!